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Fair play

September 11, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

The first thing I want to do today is expressing my satisfaction about what I think is the most wonderful site I have seen since I’ve been working at Ferrari: I’m talking about the official website of the new 430 Scuderia. In fact this is a project, we all here in the news room dedicated a whole lot of energy and I hope that you will show the right amount of appreciation, which would show us, that our new approach is the right one. Obviously I leave it to you to judge the site, and – just like every proper journalist – I bow to your judgement. Having said that, I want to go back to the things that happened at the last weekend in Monza and in particular I want to talk about the spectators’ behaviour. I think that the spectators, although obviously displeased - just like all of us – by the outcome of the race for the Scuderia, did not show enough sportsmanship. One thing is shouting for a team - and I think we all can share this view more or less - in the different events we feel passionate for. However another thing is rudeness. Just as I didn’t like the whistles and boos for our competitors on Saturday evening, at the football game Italy-France, I didn’t like a certain behaviour of the spectators at Monza, while they had it in for our competitors a bit too much, although, aside from the things going on outside of the race tracks, they showed that they do merit lots of respect as a competitor of the highest rank. What I want to say is that over the last years I could witness a progressive and also coarse mutation of the spectators, who come to circuits just like hooligans come to football stadiums. Motorsport in general, on two and on four wheels – and this is meant for all of those, who forgot – is not football (and the one, writing these lines is a huge football fan). Its logic is different; fair play has always to be an integral part of it, just like the admiration for men, who risk their life at 300 km/h! As far as the races on four wheels are concerned, Good Lord, things are even worse. At the last MotoGP race at Misano – and this is just an example – I didn’t see one Ducati fan cheering because Valentino Rossi had to retire, although it practically meant, that now the driver for the brand from Borgo Panigale has no chance anymore to win the title. Maybe it’s just an impression, but I don’t like it like that; so what are your views?



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Exciting days ahead
05/09/2012 · Posted By Fernando Alonso(61)
Here we are, on the eve of my home race, the Spanish Grand Prix. It’s always a special event for me, because racing in front of my fans has always been a unique feeling. This topic and my relationship with the fans is something you can find out more about exclusively in the sixth edition of the Scuderia Ferrari Racing News at and, as many of you have been able to read, in the answers I have posted to my followers on @alo_oficial. On the subject of exciteme ... Read all »

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