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Dear friends, Here we are!

September 7, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

The heyday of the season, especially for our Italian fans, is almost there and I would say that, in this case, it is also a decisive day of this season as far as our beloved red cars are concerned. Apropos red, another red one, which, as you know, also lies at my heart, has been flying high. Obviously I am talking about the red one from Borgo Panigale, who became a very sure bet for the title in the Moto GP in Misano last weekend. But let us talk about that soon in detail. Now we have to concentrate on our boys, who have an ascending, but still completely open final right ahead. I noticed that many amongst you replied to my last blog, where I was talking about limits for the regulations, to reintroduce more suspense into Formula One (in one of the upcoming blogs I’ll also tell you what a friend of mine, an engineer, thinks about this issue). So I hope that at least at Monza the outcome of the qualifying will not determine in a drastic way also the outcome of the race, although I have to say I don’t believe it. Having said that, obviously I await you numerously at the Autodromo Nazionale to shout for Ferrari, and with a forecast, that in this case is not related to the outcome of the race but to the by now famous quarrels during these final stages of the season, which, in one way or the other, are destined to affect the progress of this championship. With the new fact the FIA has now in her possession, what do you think will be the outcome in terms of a sentence? Nothing, a tiny penalty (such as leaving the 15 points to McLaren-Mercedes, they had to let go at the race in Budapest, caused by the penalty imposed by the Federation), or maybe a penalty much more severe, in proportion to the damage caused to Ferrari, because it’s certain, that there has been damage…?  


  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:29
    GP Monza 2007. Felipe!!!! Sono molto dispiaciuto per il problema di affidabilita' !! Spero veramente di cuore che tu riesca a vincere tutte le prossime gare !!! Kimi! Svegliaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Oggi ti sei fatto infilare da un novellino, che per bravo che sia, è pur sempre un novellino!!!! Quanto vorrei che la coppia Felipe-Kimi "volasse" come la coppia Schumi-Felipe....... Schumi!!! Che nostalgia! Dai! Forza! Mettetecela tutta!!!


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