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February 14, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear friends, As you’ve already had the opportunity to personally explore the activities around the 60 years of Ferrari, which will become more and more numerous and won’t stop. The new competition has been online for a number of days, and while here some minor details, which remain to be cleared (as some of you courteously pointed out) there is lots of information at hand to keep you updated about the Tour. As far as the Tour is concerned I do not only invite you to surf the site and its various sections dedicated to the “Ferrari 60 Relay”, but I also want to do something slightly different and give the floor to one of our workers, who had the opportunity to participate in a class about journalism I gave over the last couple of weeks. I think that spontaneous contributions like this will give all you enthusiasts a very precise idea of what it means for the many people who work for Ferrari even after the many years they have been working here. “60 years ago I was not even born and my father was 22 years old. It was the year 1947, the year Italy had to be reconstructed. Enzo Ferrari was a man who had desires, ideas and character. Born in Emilia-Romagna in the city of Modena he found in Maranello not just the place but also the people to enable him to become famous all over the world. My father was not a Ferrari kind of guy. He was not born with such an economic and social background and not even his character was that way, to become a person to ‘shape history’. Nevertheless he contributed in his very own way. I grew up just five kilometres away from Maranello and when we listened together to the sound the red cars emitted, he said to me: ‘You should be proud to live in a part of the world, which is famous for its race car constructors!’ Today I can hear that sound even more than when I was a child, because I am personally part of it. After a period of working in different metalworking plants, today I can dress in the prestigious red overall of Ferrari and you should see the eyes of the fans who come to visit Maranello when they see me dressed in red! My work is not taken on camera or written about in the newspapers, but, as many others here, I think it is very important for the results. In fact I work in the stack-room at the Meccanica of the Motor Sports Department, where the basic materials for the engines of the world famous red cars pass every day. Every morning when I come to work I know that I have a new day ahead, and none is the same. This is what it means to work in Formula One. After 60 years of the birth of Ferrari I am proud to have been born in Modena and to be part of a legend.”   Roldano Toni


  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28
    Hi....i'm Piero..yes i speak also English...In Italy people love Ferrari...mitic symbol of Italian Tecnology...i'm a Meccanic&Informatic Tecnic in a FIAT partner factory...i am also a Lucky man ...why? simple i live in Codogno near ( 100 miles) to Maranello where i go in my summer holidays....i prefer go in Maranello (august) that sea or mountain for Maranello i have very many friends and i have visitaded Ferrari Museum Gallery where i have seen Ferrari GT and Formula 1 but also Enzo Ferrari office...i'm sorry for my Maccaronic_English....I have in my heart a unic name...FERRARI...w Ferrari....ciao da Piero


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