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January 17, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear friends, after of couple in weeks in hiding, here I am again with many novelties in my head and I want to share a bit with all of you. Well foremost I have to confess that from time to time to take a break is not the worst thing one can do; quite the opposite. It helps to stimulate ones fantasies and the lust to create new solutions, suggestions and much more that one needs to do this work in the best way possible. There is a big portion of passion in it but it also needs a lot of sacrifice and at least the same amount of dedication; up to a point where one does not find some time to reflect, as it is necessary from time to time.... Having said that, when I returned, I immediately got sucked into the climate here in Maranello; especially because my return happened to be on the same day as the preview of the new car, which all of you were already able to admire. I had the great luck to see it from up close. What can I tell you? However, personally I have to confess that the car is just extraordinary. Up to the point that I am really unhappy that the photos do not do it justice. I also confess that over the last years I always thought that the various race cars – in general – all looked a bit the same, at least from an aesthetic point of view. Not so the F2007. I don't know if it is because of the paint of its new body or because of the obsessiveness to the details, which, all together, make it really very particular. I remained so impressed that I admired it for almost half an hour. After what has been said above, let's get back to us, with an idea I've already touched up in parts with someone and which I want to illustrate as quickly as possible. The idea I'm talking about is that we want to make the community the biggest Scuderia Ferrari Club in the world. Reworded: to make You & Ferrari a virtual club to all intents and purposes, with all the advantages, which come out of it. In particular I'm talking about the possibility for all of you to participate at the numerous events organized by the Scuderia, as the participations at two or three F1 tests per year, the possibility to meet the drivers, to participate at all the major events (Finali Mondiali, factory tours etc.) which are organized by the company, to take advantage of the exclusive discounts at the Ferrari Store and obviously to have the much adored membership card, which many of you have asked for several times. Inside the company I have insisted upon the undeniable advantages of such a solution, up to the point that I managed to convince everybody somewhat of the necessity to consider this kind of hypothesis.Obviously, if this should be put into practice, it would mean for our news room a further weighty task, but which could be comforted by your enthusiasm and your enormous enrolment. An enrolment, which would have, in its own nature some costs. While keeping intact all the actual privileges guaranteed to the Y&F members those costs would be necessary (just like for the “physical” clubs) to cope with the costs supported by Ferrari to maintain this kind of activity, as we are organizing the events we offer you alone. More or less we are talking about an increase of around 50% of the actual yearly membership fee. So now the question has to be asked to you, so we understand if all this makes any sense – and I for myself think it does – to start together this new and enthralling adventure. Let me know what you think; and let me promise you that this is just the first of a long series of novelties I intend to offer you in the coming months. Apropos, I almost forgot: even if it's a bit late: Happy New Year to all of you!!!


  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28
    Gianpaulo, When I first joined the community, the membership fee was equivalent to approximately ¿100, if I remember correctly, and I had no problem justifying to myself spending that amount. So an increase to ¿35-40 would not cause me any concern, especially if there were extra "benefits" available. When there was controversy a while ago concerning the relative status of the clubs versus the community, it occured to me that a way round the problem might be to make us a virtual club, so that suggestion appeals to me also. I welcome the general tone of your article and think that there are many good ideas. I hope to see concrete proposals soon. Finally, Happy New Year to all our hardworking staff. Michael (Not forgetting the birthday on 18 January).
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28
    Happy New Year to you & all the staff, too, Gianpaolo. I think your ideas are great & feel that, if you are able to offer all the things you hope to offer, the 50% increase in the subscription is completely justifiable & reasonable. I, too, was lucky enough to see the F2007 [albeit through the fence at Fiorano ;-)], & she is beatiful. The change in livery gives the red real impact. She is a gem!


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