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How wonderful...

November 16, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

How wonderful, dear friends! How great it is, you would justly say, that almost all motorsports are in their winter break is in full swing, right? How great that the biggest motorsports event, the Milan Motorcycle Show, is currently taking place. As usual, I paid a visit recently, partly for work, partly to take a look at what was new in the motorcycling world and partly for pure pleasure as I am a hardened biker. What is fantastic is not only the motorbikes but also the atmosphere. This is a world away and more ‘human’ than car shows and I can say this having travelled around such shows throughout the world for many years. This is perhaps the reason why I love the Motor Show. Often snubbed by the big motoring companies, the Bologna motorshow has all the elements that very often distance real car fans from the motoring world and its main sporting issues. True emotion, sounds, colours and the chance, in a word, to touch the object of one’s passion, make it, in my opinion, the only show of its kind able to transmit what is usually seen only via a PC monitor or TV screen. The invite then, that some of you have already accepted, is to meet up in Bologna where I am trying to organise some exciting events for the friends of the community. We are also counting on making an absolutely unmissable announcement regarding the future of Y&F. Sticking to the two-wheel theme, did you see what Valentino pulled off in testing a DTM championship car? I think that he will reconsider his decision to switch to Formula 1 in a couple of years. See you in Bologna!


  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28
    I`ll be in both Milan & Bologna (& Maranello among other places)....... but not until January. :(( So, sorry, Gianpaolo, I will not be able to make the Motor Show. I hope all those that do go have a great time (I`m sure they will) & I look forward to hearing all about it. I`m also intrigued to hear your unmissable announcement!
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28
    Fantastic...I wish i was there..but you never know Soon one day can go.. Have fun and hope we meet Ciao


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