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Sunday bloody Sunday

October 14, 2010 · Posted by Felipe Massa

Currently, I am back in Brazil, having left Japan on Monday after the race. I know it’s a long way to go home and that I have to return to the Far East quite soon, but jet lag has never bothered me much and it suited my plans to come here, spend time with the family and get on with my training.

I had really been looking forward to returning to Suzuka for the first time since 2006, as I had always enjoyed this circuit and had missed its return to the calendar last year, while I was recovering from my Budapest accident and therefore I was very keen to tackle this race. You can imagine how very disappointing it was come the end of Sunday, when everything that could go wrong did go wrong for me in Suzuka.

It was clear, right from the start that the Red Bulls were going to be practically unbeatable at this circuit, but even so being so many rows behind them was very frustrating for me. The story of qualifying was all about traffic: when I fitted the soft tyres in Q2 I had traffic in the first sector with Jenson coming out of the pits and then I got a lot more of it in the second sector at Spoon corner, where I found myself behind Kubica and all that cost me enough tenths to miss out on getting through to Q3. Of course, when you start from the sixth row of the grid, there is always a chance you are going to get mixed up in some trouble and that is exactly what happened, when I ended up crashing out of the race at the first corner. A very bad Sunday for me.

Even though I am going through a particularly difficult time right now with a lack of results in the last couple of races, I know I can count on the support of the team, who have always been behind me one hundred percent, especially in the difficult times. I was very pleased to read what our president Montezemolo said after the Japanese Grand Prix. Knowing he has faith in me is something I truly appreciate: he has an excellent understanding of the sport and he knows that you can sometimes go through tough times. The fact his support is always there is very important.

My desire to do as well as possible for me and for the team is the same as ever and that has been my approach to the sport ever since I started in Formula 1. You have to maintain a positive approach, especially as the team is locked into a very tough fight with two goals in mind, even if the situation in the Constructors’ championship has become very difficult. Everyone must put in 110% effort in order to succeed and that is definitely what I’ll be doing for the remaining weeks of the season.


  • Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 04:40
    by Ashleigh
    Know that your supporters are behind you one hundred percent as well. You're a brilliant driver and will pull out of the difficult times soon. Keep up the good work!!
  • Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 04:46
    Hi Felipe Hopefuly your time at home in Brazil will re-charge your batteries, ready for the race in Korea, and, fingers crossed, another win at Interlagos in November. All your supporters have faith in you, and wait patiently for your luck to change! You deserve only the best. Best Wishes, Tiffany in the U.K
  • Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 06:31
    by Ejaz
    We have faith in you Felipe... i really want you to stand on the top step of the podium.... Hopefully in Brazil you will do it... Go Felipe.... Forza Felipe, Forza Ferrari
  • Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 08:57
    by I N
    GO FELIPE! You're gonna rock Interlagos & show them who's the boss! I just hope next year's tire balance is with more grip at the front and you will be again able to show your class! We're missing the one lap qualifying wonders!
  • Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 09:59
    by James
    Everyone goes through tough times, Felipe. You're a phenomenal driver for the best team on the grid!
  • Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 11:51
    by SziZita
    Dear Felipe, no matter what was the result of the last 2 races, for me You are still the best! And I hope that will come true what Mr.Montezemolo said, that YOU will be the big surprise in the remaining races! Keep your head up and believe in yourself! ZITA from Romania
  • Friday, 15 Oct 2010 03:41
    by Rodrigo
    Hello Felipe. Your brazilian supporters are one hundred percent with you too. We're sure that good times will come back soon. You're a brilliant driver and your WDC will come, it's just a matter of time. Good Luck from Brazil!
  • Friday, 15 Oct 2010 04:43
    by Ashok
    Felipe, Who better knows the ups and downs in F1 than u...As your fan and having followed your racing we all know your a tough cookie...and you will be back with a bang...its just a question of time... Wishing you all the luck in the next 3 races....
  • Friday, 15 Oct 2010 07:34
    by Cathie
    Hello! New sunrise will bring good luck for you! You're wise, strong man, so you know that everything can change. We love you, and believe in you! I am confident that you shall cope with difficulties.
  • Friday, 15 Oct 2010 08:57
    by Anka
    Hi Felipe, I think you great driver! Good luck in next racing and I have one wish, next year you as champion! Good day in Brazil!Greetings from POland. Anka
  • Friday, 15 Oct 2010 01:06
    by Megumi Kaneko
    Hello Felipe!! I went to Suzuka. I was glad to see you. And I'm very happy that I was able to see you running again. Please cheer up!!I'm always on your side. Forza Felipe!!!! from Japanese Megumi
  • Friday, 15 Oct 2010 02:55
    by Dorothy
    Hello Felipe. You are a great driver. All the best for the upcmoming races. We all have faith in you. Best wishes, Dorothy from Singapore
  • Saturday, 16 Oct 2010 11:03
    by jessica 19 wrexham diane atkinson wrexham
    keep going massa your doing great it doesnt matter about the results because you still always pull a great race out of the bag we love you and support you dont loose hope forget the others on the track just you and fernando well done gud look you will be great love jessica eccleston and diane atkinson from wrexham x
  • Sunday, 17 Oct 2010 12:12
    by eddie and kelly delezen
    bom dia filipe, your path to recovery has been very heroic, not to mention amazing!!! WDC next year for you!!! ferrari- massa-alonso, it is such a powerful combination. relax with your family and don't worry so much about the 'hard-period", it will pass. tchau.
  • Monday, 18 Oct 2010 06:33
    by Noe Izumi
    Força, Felipe. Never forget we're with you. I have total confidence in you and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Go on and show why we admire you so much :)


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