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“Hoping for a normal race”

July 21, 2010 · Posted by Felipe Massa

Tomorrow I fly to Germany for the start of what will be a very busy period, with two Grands Prix on consecutive Sundays. It might seem an unusual thing for a race driver to wish for, but my greatest hope is that I can have a normal race. If I think back to everything that happened to me in the last three races, sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I had so much bad luck: in Montreal and Silverstone I was involved in collisions on the opening lap and in Valencia, the Safety Car came at just the wrong time for me and ruined my race. In all three of those races, our Friday and Saturday performance had proved we had a competitive car, but I never managed to translate that potential into points on the Sunday. So, my main aim is to have a trouble-free weekend from start to finish: of course I wouldn’t be a racing driver if I did not have thoughts of winning the race, even if we know that, at the moment, Ferrari is up against some very strong opposition, but really, if there are no unusual incidents on Sunday and we can race to our full potential, then I will be satisfied, because if we manage to do that, then I am sure a good result is waiting for us.

It’s true you cannot do much about luck, good or bad, but in terms of being as well prepared as possible for this weekend, everyone at the factory has been working very hard since the last race and I have been to Maranello twice to have meetings with our engineers, to fully understand the new developments and then last Monday, I spent the day driving the Hockenheim track on our simulator, as well as taking part in more meetings. I have always enjoyed driving at this circuit and this year we will have the novelty of using slick tyres here for the first time, as last year’s race was held at the Nurburgring. The last time we came here, in 2008, I finished third and in 2006, I was second behind Michael (Schumacher) and in fact, I have always finished in the points here since I have been driving for Ferrari. In a way, I regret that I never got the chance to drive on the famous old Hockenheim layout, with its long straights through the forests, so this new version is the only one I know. I think the track characteristics should suit our car quite well and I hope we will be competitive there. We are pressing forward with the car development, even if it seemed much improved in the last few races and here we will have a new diffuser, which we will evaluate during Friday’s free practice. I am sure other teams will also be moving forward on the technical front, but we must just concentrate on our own job and not concern ourselves with that.

I have not done much else since the last race, because with two trips to Maranello and my usual physical training work, there has been plenty to keep me busy. To drive from my home in Monaco to the factory can take around four hours, sometimes more if there is traffic and although it can occasionally be a pleasant drive, especially in a Ferrari, I sometimes prefer to fly, in order to save time. Here in Monaco, it is very hot at the moment, which means it is perfect for endurance training outdoors and also for spending time relaxing with the family. There won’t be much time for that now until after the Hungarian Grand Prix, as we prepare to tackle two races that will be very important in terms of the final outcome of the championship.


  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 04:08
    by SziZita
    Forget the bad luck, Felipe! I wish you a wonderful race in Germany and reaching the podium as well!!! I will keep my fingers crossed during the whole race! Good luck and success! Zita from Romania
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 10:29
    by sara
    I hope that the good luck come to you in this race Massa, all the best wishes. Sara (Bahrain)
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 10:32
    by L from Canada
    Hello Felipe. So glad to hear that you remain strong and focussed despite the events of recent races. Wishing you two fantastic and 'normal' races in Germany and Hungary. Anything is possible. Hope to see you on the podium!
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 08:40
    by Eggy
    Forza Felipe!I believe your good luck will come soon!Fighting!
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 09:25
    by Faysal H
    Good to hear new parts are coming. Really hoping for a strong finish in these two races to from both cars. Lets duplicate that 2006 result again. All the best! FH
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 09:29
    I also hope you'll have a normal race at last. ;) Good Luck!
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 11:31
    by Denise
    Very much Good luck, en i hope that you can fly back with a good feeling about your race good luck and succes
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 02:40
    by steven mann
    we no u can only do your best so we are all backing u feilpe go get them
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 02:42
    by sop from Kharkov UKRAINE
    Forza Masa!Forza Alonso! Forza FERRARI!!!
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 02:55
    by Erick
    Hello Felipe. I was sad to see what happened to you these 3 last races. But don't worry, you will do a good race because you know that you are a very good driver. Just be confident and the results will come. So, good luck for your race in Germany. Bye bye. Erick, from France
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 07:20
    Hello Felipe. You have run out of bad luck completely. Next is your smile on the podium. GANGARE Felipe! (GANGARE means Forza.) frome Loopy Japanese
  • Saturday, 24 Jul 2010 04:31
    by Ashley Bradley (UK)
    Hi Felipe and good luck i hope you and ferrai have a good weekend lets get a result
  • Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 02:10
    by Diane Atkinson
    Well done to you and Fernando in qualies today you can do it got faith in you both lets show redbull they should be behind the red cars good luck
  • Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 02:16
    by Francesca
    Watching you drive in Germany- fantastic run,mush better than 'normal'! Well done!
  • Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 03:03
    by k32
    i wish you all the best for the next race.
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 01:14
    by Julie Garnier
    Hello Felipe, You have been in my mind the number one driver since Michael left. I believe you should have won the championship in 2008. Always remember that you are a great driver and an awesome human being. Get out there next week and show what you are made of. You are always number 1 in my book!
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 11:48
    by Jonnathan Lyon
    Never mind about the past. Always try to focus on the Future and keep in mind that after bad times, you'll have your good luck again. The next race is where you'll have to show that you're worth it and tell the world that an accident can never set you back, You'll have to be the old "Aggressive Massa" that you showed us in 2008.i'm pretty sure that you'll be back with a bang! Wishing you all the good luck....
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 02:45
    by paws
    Felipe Please don't be upset about Sunday, you did a wonderful job, you should be proud of your accomplishment, second is wonderful, and I know you have had a lot of bad luck this season, not at all your fault, please don't be discourged, your time will come
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 05:49
    by Luis Mauricio Buenrostro
    Congratulations Felipe for your second place in the Germany Grand Prix, you are a really big champion, a model to follow by our children, was very professional and generous that you did for the Ferrari team, your generous actions will be reflected always in your life.
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 07:34
    by Fernando
    Hi brother, my name is Fernando, i am From Londrina - PR (Brazilian), you know you are a great guy, with a such claw, and we going to support you forever, good luck on the next race, Grande abraço Fernando Kosciureski.
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 08:14
    by philip putze
    Come on Felipe you and Fernando are the best of the world and i wish alls good for the rest of the seasons and i hop that you drive on the plattform in the next races.The season is long and the Ferrari become better and better. The aerodynamics is OK. With quickly i think more top speed.


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