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Travelling to Shanghai

April 13, 2010 · Posted by Felipe Massa

After a few enjoyable days settling back into home life in Monaco with my family, I am about to get on a plane to Shanghai for the fourth round of the championship. Personally, I’m feeling in really good shape, having spent much of the time since Malaysia training. There is a communal gym in the apartment block where I live and it is never busy, so I can get on with whatever I want to do in peace and quiet! Anyway, the weather is already nice and warm in Monaco, so I can also hit the streets and go running or cycling.

And speaking of the weather, as usual, we can expect cool and changeable conditions for the race weekend, as has been a feature of this event in the past. So, we need to be prepared to deal with the possibility of strange weather. I’m also looking forward to the fact that we will have some new components on the car, aimed at improving performance and I hope they prove to be successful to help us in our fight, especially with the Red Bulls and the McLarens. This is the second year we have had to deal with a ban on in-season testing, so the arrival of new components means that the Friday of a race weekend is used, not only for the usual work of comparing the two types of tyre and working on track-specific set-up, but also as a test session for these new elements. Usually we will do a back-to-back comparison, with the new parts on one car and the older version on the other, or we might also swap the parts from one car to the other. After that, during the debrief, we compare all the telemetric data and also mine and Fernando’s opinions on how the new components worked, before making a decision about whether or not to use them for qualifying and the race.

My record in Shanghai is not too bad, as I’ve stood on the podium twice: I came second in 2008 and third in 2007. It’s a nice circuit to drive and the extremely long straight leading into a tight corner means there is a real possibility to overtake. However, we will need to be careful on that straight this year, because we have seen that the McLaren in particular has a very high top speed, so in case of a close battle with them we will have to be careful and ready to defend position. There are some other interesting corners, such as the exit of Turn 1 going into Turn 2, when the rear of the car can get out of shape and generally there are plenty of high speed corners and some quick changes of direction, so I hope our car will be competitive here this weekend and allow us to bring home a significant number of points.


  • Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 12:35
    by chris abbas
    Leading the championship!! long may it continue. Great to see you enjoy your racing.London
  • Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 01:16
    by ScuderiaStar
    Good luck Felipe!
  • Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 03:59
    by jennifer cartright
    Good luck in China!!!!
  • Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 09:15
    by Alan Meghen
    Great to see you back and back at the front of the field. Hoping for a strong Ferrari weekend in China. Best of luck alan
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 04:04
    by charan
    massa u r a masterpiece
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 07:15
    by Shajaaz
    Best Of Luck Dude.. I am a great fan of u... I think can win at China.. Last i was stuck and couldnt believe my eyes... A blown Ferrari Engine.. Ohh... i think we can do it at China.. Im hoping A ferrari 1-2.. and u must be in Podium.. Best wishes dude...
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 10:17
    by Mark
    I just want to wish you all the best for the Chinese GP. Dont hold back anything. And as they say in Northern Ireland.. KEEP HER LIT. Which roughly translates to GO AS FAST AS YOUR CAR CAN AND THEN GO FASTER! Will be watching the practices, qualifying & Race with high hopes for you.
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 08:17
    Wish you all the best...go Massa go!! I know you can prove to be the true champion this year.
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 02:11
    by Itai Kutoka
    You have the makings of a world champion! The 2008 season showed that. You now have to take that & make it happen. You have many people rooting for you. & despite all the rumours, we hope you'll still be with the Scuderia next year. Good luck in Shanghai
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 03:58
    by SAEED
    Hi,you guys have been doing fantastic.Keep it up.Best wishes for Shanghai.SAEED.
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 03:59
    by Norie
    You can get on with whatever you want!! Have fun ^^
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 06:30
    by Viktoria Chiara Hägel
    Good luck for this race Felipe!!! I hope you and Ferrari will get as much pionts as possible.
  • Friday, 16 Apr 2010 10:21
    by Régis
    Good Luck Felipe, we brazilian are proud of you. You act like a winner. You're a winner. The WINNER
  • Monday, 19 Apr 2010 02:04
    by Xumi
    Hi Felipe! Good luck for the rest of the season! I hope all the choices this year will be the right ones! You're a great champion Felipe, you deserve to win! Best wishes!
  • Tuesday, 20 Apr 2010 11:03
    by Sarah Shen
    Good Luck.Felipe,you are the best!
  • Saturday, 24 Apr 2010 06:21
    by Felicia
    Felipe,HAPPY BIRTHDAY! FORZA!! We'll be the champion at last.
  • Sunday, 25 Apr 2010 02:34
    by cynthia
    Hi Felipe,I am your fans in China~Maybe there are some grammar mistakes in my sentences.. but i want to say,Happy birthday to you!we are here with you,we believe you are the best,good luck! Felipe baby Happy birthday~
  • Sunday, 25 Apr 2010 09:03
    04.25.2010. : Happy birthday, Felipe!
  • Sunday, 25 Apr 2010 01:27
    by Taty
    Happy Birthday, Felipe!!! With all the best wishes to you!!!:)))
  • Sunday, 25 Apr 2010 01:34
    best wishes for you,Iwill support you forever!!


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