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Consistency is the most important factor

July 18, 2008 · Posted by staffFerrari

The F1 press seem to have just one subject on their mind, as we start the second half of the season: who will be champion? But, in his Thursday meeting with the media, Felipe Massa did not have the answer to that question. “I think it is very difficult to say what will be the main factor in deciding the outcome of the championship,” reckoned the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro driver. “When you see there are four guys all within two points at the top of the table it is such a small difference, you cannot say that one thing will make the difference. Each one of us is in the same boat and many things can happen from one race to the next. Consistency will be the most important factor between now and the end of the season. Because if one of your rivals has a bad race with no points, then if you are consistent, this can make the difference in your favour for the championship. I have a good chance like the others in this tight competition. My strengths are that I have a great car and I am working with a great team and I plan to make the most of those assets to get stronger all the time and fight for a good amount of points at every race.” The close competition is not just restricted to Sunday afternoon between the four main title contenders, as Saturday afternoon has proved to be a key to success the next day. “I am happy with my qualifying performance, because it is so close that just the slightest mistake can mean the difference between pole position and fourth place on the grid,” maintained Felipe. “It is important to be quick in qualifying as that can help you a lot in the race, but the others are quick too, so if a driver like Kimi or Lewis finds the right lap, it can give them pole, and the same applies to me. My aim over Saturday and Sunday is to put together a really strong qualifying lap and then translate it into a consistent performance in the race.” Judging by the flags and banners outside the Hockenheimring and in the surrounding campsites, the crowd has not forgotten its favourite son, Michael Schumacher and the seven times world champion will be here this weekend, which seemed to please Massa. “It’s always nice to be here with Michael,” admitted Felipe. “I enjoy his company and he is an important component within the team so hopefully we can put on a good performance and secure a great result at his home race.”



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