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Waiting in Indianapolis

June 30, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear blog friends,After the last race, I went to Miami. It was lovely there, just a three hour flight from Montreal and then two hours down here to Indy. There’s a big contingent of Brazilians who race in the States who are based in Miami, but honestly I didn’t see any of them. I just relaxed at the hotel with a couple of friends and my manager, Nicolas. I was really able to unwind, which is important when you only have a few days in between two races.   As for this weekend, as usual, I’m optimistic. We have to do our best. This is a race where Ferrari has always gone well and I hope we have a really great weekend.   Actually, one day I would quite like to have a go at racing in the “real” Indy 500. It is a very important race, although I don’t think it’s always the best driver who wins because the car is more important here. But it’s still a very interesting race.   Looking at my year so far, there were two or three races that were not so good, while the others were better. I hope to make use of everything I have learnt in this first half of the season in having a much better final part of the season. This experience, combined with the fact that I drive for a top team like Ferrari should see me grow in the second half of the season.   The motivation within the team is still very high. We know this championship will be very difficult, but we are trying to get everyone pulling together as much as possible. As for the continuing talk that I have to be some sort of blocker between Michael and Fernando, it is not just me. We both need to be in front of both Renaults. But our goal this weekend is to get in front of anyone who happens to be in front.   Speaking of goals, I am still cheering Brazil’s football eleven of course and tomorrow, Saturday, they have their very important quarter final game. Very important obviously, as it will take them a step closer to retaining the World Cup trophy they won four years ago, but also because they will be playing France. So, I am not sure if it will be a good idea for me to watch the game with my manager, Nicolas Todt! It should be a good match, as you have to take into account that it actually features the last two teams to win the World Cup.   Before we came here to Indy, there were some concerns that we might get a hostile reception, because of what happened here last year. But the fans here are real racing enthusiasts and they seem ready to have a good weekend. Even on Thursday, I saw a lot of people here at the circuit. I think they are all hoping to see a great race this weekend. I am looking forward to putting on an exciting show for the people and to show them that Formula 1 is still a great sport.


  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59
    Hello Felipe !Hope u and Michael will get the first double of the season.Indy is a friendly track for Ferrari so I m sure you all will do great !Make us to dream guys !! About the world cup the challenge is getting really exciting,can't wait to watch Italy-Ukraina and Brasil-France ....Ciao,Luca
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59
    Hello Felipe. Canada was a Solid race. Well done. I must admit was a bit confused about the strategy. I am sure that Indy will be a success. I hope and pray for 1-2 on Sunday. Good Luck to you Schumi and the Team. We are 100% always with you Forza Ferrari!!!
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59
    What would be really great would be a fantastic race but with the same "result" as last year - Ferrari 1-2!! Forza A PS World Cup-wise, at least one of the opposition was sent on their way this afternoon. ;-)


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