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An uphill start but no dramas

March 28, 2011 · Posted by Fernando Alonso

It wasn’t the start that we all wanted but nor is it anything to get worried about. I already said it yesterday evening at the track: 12 points is not far below the world champion’s average last year and two title contenders finished behind me. So overall the Australian Grand Prix can’t be defined as disastrous. Certainly, in qualifying we were very far from Vettel’s Red Bull and far from Hamilton’s McLaren but in the race the situation improved – perhaps not compared to Sebastian but certainly against the others. The start was a pity: if I hadn’t found myself down in 9th place at the beginning of the first lap I’d have been able to fight to the finish for the two lower steps of the podium.

I’m not one of those who believes a degree of temperature here or there can determine major changes in the performance of the car on the track. So I don’t agree that the fact that yesterday was hotter compared to Saturday necessarily played into our favour. On Friday, when temperatures were similar to those during qualifying, the car went very well. The next day, from the morning, it wasn’t so good and we have to understand why that happened by carefully analysing the data.

For me there weren’t any big surprises this weekend, particularly because I didn’t arrive in Melbourne with a clear idea of how the grid would line up. From the tests, especially this year, it was difficult to have a realistic picture of the situation. The only positive surprise was the behaviour of the Pirelli tyres which, at least at Albert Park, showed less degradation than what we saw at the test. We will see how things go in Malaysia at Sepang, on a track that is very different to the semi-street circuit of Albert Park.

I’ve stayed in Australia and I will remain here until the beginning of next week, when I will head to Malaysia. It’s important to prepare very well for the next two rounds, which are back-to-back. They are both very demanding from the physical point of view, especially Sepang where we drive in very high temperatures.


  • Monday, 28 Mar 2011 04:31
    by kimcanada
    Hi I am glad you are postive today. It was only the first race of the season, many more to go, no need to panic, besides, 4th is fantastic, starting from 5th, falling to 9th and climbing back up. You do that so well. You make the race so exciting, you really do. I hope you enjoy your stay in Australia, relax and unwind. Stay safe and keep smiling, I honestly believe the world is a brigher place when you do. Love you, so much, Kim (Canada)
  • Monday, 28 Mar 2011 04:37
    by miwa
    ☆Dear Nano☆ Long-awaited F1. It was finally held. It keeps sending your activity and the yell being sent through the television screen. Japan is a very serious situation now. A day and a day importantly Feelings that sympathize with the person and have strengthened ..more than now... Your activity It is power for me today. ..true message.. thank you about the encouragement to we and Japan. [Miwa] from Japan with love
  • Monday, 28 Mar 2011 05:08
    by luke
    Given the circustances, you did a fantastic race Fernando, that's what we need, when the car it's not there, whe need to get in the lower step of the podium, this time was 4th place, shame that the start didn't go well.
  • Monday, 28 Mar 2011 09:36
    by Mark Christman
    As you said, not the best result, but we've got a long season ahead and I'm confident we'll get better and better as the season progresses. Plus, I'm hoping that Malaysia's heat will have the tyres working to our favor. FORZA FERRARI! All the tifosi from the USA are behind you!
  • Monday, 28 Mar 2011 09:40
    by Veronica
    Fernando, I'm so happy the new season already started. I would like to wish you all the best and GOOD LUCK! I hope this is the season you'll win your 3rd title, because you deserve it :) You are the best driver in F1 and I'll be with you every race, keeping my fingers crossed for you and for Ferrari :) Veronica from the Czech Republic
  • Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 09:10
    by MCTAN
    Hi! Fernando, You are right, this is not a bad result considering it is only the 1st race of the session. I am pretty sure that Ferrari will bound back very quick. Keep pushing. You and Ferrari are always my favorite. From M'sia
  • Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 09:21
    by Caroline Swanson
    Points on the board in the first race, so well done Fernando. At Sepang next week,go and get them all Tiger!! Love from Liverpool xx
  • Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 02:52
    by FAsterEvaNano
    Hi Nano...AUS GP was the first race of the year..,it's very hard to judge how result will be before the race.,but now, the picture is getting more and more clear.. we do believe that Ferrari will improve better and give you much competitive car.. As you mentioned before, the team stratage is also very important, which we had seen on Sunday..!! We sure you will fight hard in each single race, because you have proved to us in Albert Park...Once again, Fernando, thank you of your brilliant & hard works!! We keep very positive and are looking forward to Sepang GP next weekend...Enjoy your stay in Australia.!! Supporting you always........(^_^)
  • Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 08:35
    by Job
    Great race. Too dificult start... but great race. Interesting champioship this year. Maybe some drivers will have better cars or better 'helps' in the championship but they can't drive as you do in the race every sunday... Greetings from Spain.
  • Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 09:16
    by Carol Cross
    It's definitely not a bad start and the season is long. As always it was a pleasure to watch you race. I have complete faith in your amazing driving and your ability to get the maximum out of the car. Can't wait for Sepang.
  • Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011 07:20
    by Nagore
    Good job!! In my opinion 4th position is a good result, especially after the qualifying and the beginning of the race. You did a great race to get your first 12 points, congratulations!!! Enjoy Australia.
  • Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011 11:16
    by Thomas
    I fully agree that the race was not a disaster at all because the race pace seems very good especially if we take a look at the fastest laps. The start was poor but it might have ended much worse had there been a contact. The Red Bulls seem very fast but I think their trick was to try and get rid of the KERS extra weight but we will have to see. Keep up the good job!
  • Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011 12:27
    by Sergei
    Fernando, Quite good start of the season, it's fine position now to attack in next races. Several perfect passes and very good race pace and as usual stability at the highest level. Good luck for you in next races this season and many victories and podiums! Sergei, Fan from Russia
  • Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011 06:45
    by Jane
    Hello, I am very happy to see the race season start again- I really enjoy Formula 1. Considering that you the new tyres and extra pits, 4th is not a bad start and it is still 12 points to becoming World Champion again. I would love to see that happen. I think that you are the best Formula 1 driver of our time. You know your car and can drive it through any condition. Good Luck in Malaysia. Love and Luck, Jane
  • Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011 07:54
    by Luisa Cambras
    I hope you are enjoying your time in Australia (I wasn’t sure whether you would stay there and travel straight on to Malaysia but of course it makes good sense) … it seems strange that you are 10 hours ahead of us here in England so at this moment you are probably still fast asleep ‘in the land of nod’ … got to dash mi querido … soon … X
  • Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 03:57
    by Camila
    Hi Fernando, It was a pity you didn't win in Australia, but congratulaitons by the 12 points, in the championship each point is important. I hope that in Malaysia, you and Ferrai have more luck. I'll cheering for you!!! Go Alonso! Go Ferrari! Go F150° Italia! Go Faster! Good Luck in Malaysia! Best wishes! Camila from Brazil.
  • Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 03:24
    by James Newman
    While the pace of the car is a bit off right now, its inspiring to see that you've got your head held high Fernando! Hopefully things can get sorted out and Sepang will be a different story. V/R, James Newman (Washington DC)
  • Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 06:02
    by Marine from France
    Hello Fernando, congrats for the strategy of the team this week end, and for the twelve points you brought. I think it's a good result, especially after the difficult start of the race. Sebastian seemed impossible to beat this week, and the McLarens are faster than I imagined. But Australia is always a special race, so let's see what will happen in Malaysia. And it's important to stay positive and focused because the chanpionship is really long. Good luck for the next race, and thanks for publishing articles on this site! Marine from France
  • Friday, 1 Apr 2011 08:35
    by Puvan
    Hi Frnando,you did a good job bringing it to we can forget Austraila,we will be in Malaysia to cheer you on.Look out for the Big Flags at the hillstands see on Friday,let's do it in Malaysia. Puvan,Malaysia.
  • Friday, 1 Apr 2011 10:59
    by Goran
    Hi Fernando, First of all let me tell you what a thrill is to look you drive the Ferrari specially after you drove for McLaren and Renault. I hope this season we will be able to catch up the Red Buls and Mc Laren's I have great confidence in you as a driver. There is a lot of time to improve the performances of the car and with you in the car I hope to see Ferrari 150° Italia on the top at the end of the season. Wishing you and the team luck for the next race in Malaysia. You probably never heard of Macedonia but I am inviting you when you have a chance to visit my country it would be a great honor for me and all the people from Macedonia!!! All the best!! Goran Pangovski Macedonia
  • Friday, 1 Apr 2011 12:36
    by Tasos
    Good evening Fernando from Greece!I'm happy that this result in Melbourne, has not affected your spirit. Tifosi (from all over the world)are by your side, and we hope that we are going to celebrate both title at the end of the season.Heads up! Go for the win in Malaysia!!!!!
  • Friday, 1 Apr 2011 08:10
    by Shathiso Ntibi
    Hello Fernando.. incredible race..!! qualifying is a bit of a worry but points aren't given out on Saturday, , pity about the start but a great start to the season. I hope your well rested, and ready for Se pang. Show them who's the best!!! from shathiso in Botswana.
  • Saturday, 2 Apr 2011 03:46
    by L from Canada
    Hello Fernando. So great to see you back on the track. Australia was a good start with solid points. As we all know, it is the maths that will count in the end. Keep smiling and enjoy your time in Australia.
  • Saturday, 2 Apr 2011 10:27
    by zane
    hi fernando great race.. well 4th is fine but its not in ur category as u are a double world champion... but we have alot more races to go and we fernando /ferarri fans believe u and ferrari can win it this year coz ur a fighter..good luckfor the comming races and make us all proud as u have always done...
  • Sunday, 3 Apr 2011 02:08
    by Alvidres
    Fernando, the first race is just the first punches. We got the best driver in the best car. Let's go get your third!!!
  • Sunday, 3 Apr 2011 02:11
    by miron
    everything will be fine
  • Sunday, 3 Apr 2011 12:17
    by MareAlonso
    I hope that this season will be much better than last. Wishing you and the team luck for next reces! Your big fan from Croatia.
  • Monday, 4 Apr 2011 08:34
    by Mark Stephens
    Dear Fernando: a very kind thanks for the autographed picture in Australia and for taking pictures with my friend Adam who is friends with Michele. I am sure everything is going to be fantastic as the team has made adjustments to the car and of course you are the worlds best driver!!! I looking forward to watching you this coming weekend! Ciao -Mark
  • Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 08:23
    by Hasamin
  • Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 02:36
    by FAsterEvaNano
    Hi Nano...thinking positive.,keep fighting and head up..hopefully we will see F150°Italia's real potential on Sepang track...Forza Fernando.......!!!!!
  • Wednesday, 6 Apr 2011 12:44
    by Maria, from Kazahstan
    Fernando, good luck to you and victories in following races.


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