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A win down to hard work from the team

July 27, 2010 · Posted by Fernando Alonso

All wins are special. Winning is a great feeling and that was the case in Hockenheim, especially when I think of the huge workload undertaken by everyone at Maranello to achieve this fantastic one-two finish. No one ever gave up and I know how pleased they were to see two Ferraris cross the line ahead of all our rivals. For over a month now we have been saying that we had to get back to winning at least once before the summer break and finally, we did it. We did not have much luck in some races and, because of unusual incidents, we did not pick up the points we deserved. There was a slight feeling of frustration with this lack of results, but at last in Germany, for once we had a normal race on a weekend when he had no problems whatsoever and the result was there for all to see.

However, the win does not change my approach to the rest of the season. We knew full before Hockenheim that our car was much more competitive and that was what made me so confident. Now we must continue in this direction, starting this coming weekend in Budapest. The Hungaroring is a special circuit for me. It was here in 2003 that I scored my first Formula 1 win and I was on pole here last year. Returning to that 24th August seven years ago, I don’t remember much about the events of the day, because it was so emotional I had the impression that everything happened incredibly quickly: it would be nice to relive that experience this weekend at the wheel of a Ferrari.

The track can almost be described as a go-kart track for Formula 1 cars. The corners follow on, one from the other, so there is nowhere for a driver to pause for breath and it is vital to have a car that deals with the many bumps in the track surface and handles riding the kerbs. From the physical and mental point of view it is a pretty demanding race, so it is important not to get impetuous and overcook things, because any mistake is heavily penalised, especially in qualifying. It’s best to stay focussed and concentrate on your own work, trying to put together the perfect weekend, one step at a time. That is what we plan to do, starting on Thursday. I have already said it many times before: there is still a long way to go in the championship and the maths will only be done at the end.


  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 05:08
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...we all believe that it's yours and Ferrari's turn now...Don't worry about the other things,as you said it's go-kart track for F1 cars,just forcus on the race on this weekend..and we know you can do it and you will do it...Bring it on mate..!! FORZA FERNANDO,FORZA FERRARI,FORZA F10...:)))
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 05:10
    by kim tobin
    Keep up the great work!!! I was so happy to see you on the top step of the podium on Sunday, you look great up there, and I hope you can do it again on Sunday. I am with you always, so stay safe, stay happy, and have a great day on Thursday!!!! Love you lots Kim
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 06:08
    by Melisa Sevi Koç
    Hola Fernando! Congratulations for your win in Germany!I hope it will continue in Hungary too! Best of luck to you!. Don't forget I'm always with you no matter what no matter what some other "people" say! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - Melisa from Istanbul
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 06:22
    by J
    Go Fernando!!! You never drive alone
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 06:28
    by Fuza
    Hey Fernando, keep your eyes on the ball. To bring Ferrari to the top stop, we need the winning mentality. This time we aim for pole.
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 06:31
    by Daniel Espinosa
    I just want to say. Im a huge fan of Alonso and Ferrari. I support ferraris choice in germany. Keep it going guys!! Forza Ferrari!!! - Daniel from Miami,FL
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 07:14
    by fuza
    yes, the team did a maverlous job in improving the car speed. Finally Ferrari is having a fighting chance to win the championship.
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 07:28
    by Julia Gielniak
    You deserved for this win. I am so happy that Ferrari is back to the top. I am proud of my Team and i always will. Thanks very much for your all work and for everything you've done. Thanks a lot! Best greetings from Poland!;-) Julietta G.
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 10:04
    by Camila
    Hi Fernando, Congratulations by the 25 points! TOMA! I'm still cheering for you and I still believe that you will be champion! F10 is more competitive now, Congratulations engineering's staff! You did a good work! I think important remember of engineers too, the most people forget. You deserved to win this race, because you were the best during all weekend. Happy Birthday by the your 29 years of age on Thursday! Good luck in Hungary! Go Magic Alonso! Best wishes! Camila from Brazil.
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 10:41
    by Mumtaz
    We are happy that Alonso and Ferrari are back in contention. Massa was also superb and thoroughly deserves to be praised for his team work. Bad luck struck Ferrari in the last few races where Ferrari was very competitive but in Germany, a normal weekend, proved beyond doubt whose the best team in F1. I admire Ferrari for their pragmatic approach to the race and the championship. Best of luck with rest of the races.
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 11:25
    by Ally
    The momentum is with you now and the talent and technique that you have along with the great support team behind you will stand you in good stead to take this next race by the scruff of the neck. Lots of love and luck for more reasons to celebrate along with your birthday (Happy Birthday for Thursday!). Have a great race Nando..from Ally in Norwich, UK
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 12:41
    You were very fast during the whole weekend. You did amazing job and deserved victory. It was good to see you on top of the podium again. next race you have to win some critical points for the championship but we believe in you. we know that you will never give up because you are our FAster man. besf of luck for the next races. Finally I want to say you "Happy Birthday". We are very lucky because we are able to watch an excellent driver like you.thanks for everything. (İstanbul)
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 01:08
    by BBto
    "The only thing we advise drivers is the respective pace of the other driver and they ultimately call it," the team principal said. "Lewis was nearly a second quicker than Heikki through the race and when he was told Lewis was quicker he just let him past. "He knew that was the only way because the longer he would have held up Lewis the more difficult it would have been for him to have regained the lead. It was a tremendous sporting gesture and it's what being in a racing team is about. True team-mates do these things because that's the way they are." Well done SF, as Ron Dennis said in 2008 German GP, it was a tremendous sporting gesture. Nano, if another brit journalist ask you about dirty champion... what about to ask Lewis o RD about it?
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 03:15
    by Jingjing
    Fernando,GOOD JOB in Germany and GOOD LUCK in Hungaroring !!!! Best wishes from Beijing~~~~~
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 03:31
    by zhangyunixao
    Dear Alonso: We Chinese fans to support you.Your mind is a moral drivers.We expect you to win all of the remaining games.Finally the champions .Thanks massa . Ferrari fans will see in the eye.We love Alonso.You go go go! Sorry my English is bad.
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 04:43
    by Susan Sum
    Happy Birthday to Fernando, and best of luck for the rest of the season. You are forever the best.
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 05:12
    by Elena
    Fernando, Happy Birthday to You! Many congratulations on that day! The wishes a lot of wins, podiums at the red car of Scuderia Ferrari! Forza Ferrari! !Toma Fernando! From Russia with the best wishes!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 07:03
    by Xiaogang Mao
    I would like to see that you get another win this weekend. Good Luck!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 09:17
    by Jessica
    Hi,Fernando. It's really really amazing seeing you on the highest step of the podium and smile with the triumph. Whatever they would say about the overtaking move, you were the fastest car until the end lap of the race what was the case of the fact. So I reckon it's clear that you absolutely deserve it. Congratulations, my man! Good luck in Budapest and I believe in you always!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 09:23
    by Linas
    Fernando, I'm glad you made an important leap to the front. It was with the help of the team, no doubt, but that is how things work in Formula 1. I'm glad it worked out well for you. I hope this weekend in Budapest is going to be just as good for you, and hopefully it will shut up some of the hypocrites crying about your win in Hockenheim. Good luck!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 10:03
    by 张彤辉
    Congretulations,Fernando!!!We are really happy to see your win in Hockenheim!!!It is fantastic that the car finally appears as competitive as the start of the season.We have confidence in you and Ferrari.We believe you will be the only champion in the end.Good luck Fernando!!!Hope you win this weekend!!!And the most important,happy birthday Fernando!!! Wish you happy forever!!!(best wishes from China)
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 10:11
    by cherli
    Happy Birthday!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 10:49
    by Pepe
    Fernando I´m from Spain. Congratulations for you and your team. Very nice job this weekend. Fantastic.
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 11:17
    by Nat.
    Congratulation! I waited co long to see you on the podium! Good job! ;) And happy birthday to you! ;D
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 12:44
    by CIONAL
    Happy to see u winning again champ! Go on!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 01:56
    by Lou Tattrie
    It was great to see a good team result after the previous race trama. It has been a tuff luck season for Ferrari, and now with the true performance of the team in the coming races, luck is out of the equation. Only 100% effort is required. Alonso is measured by a different standard by the media...because he is the best in the field. Maybe team rules will be thrown out of the rulebook soon.
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 02:19
    by luke
    Hi Fernando Congratulations for your second victory with Ferrari. Your speed all the wekeend was really impressive. I didn't liked the "team work" in this race but deep in my herat I know that it was the right thing to do for the team goal this year, the WDC. I wish you the best for this wekeend GP, another podium or maybe another win will be amazing. Keep up the good work and don't listen the haters and the hypocrites in the paddock, they fear you because Ferrari is back.
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 02:33
    by ABI
    Great win in Germany Nando,keep pushing,shout them mouth and take a title for this year.Overtaking a SC is not so serious,but owertaking team mate is-yeah right,but never mind,title is your's-we bellieve in you,and you should bellieve in God allmighty,then result will came by it self.I said this becouse when you drive over 300 km/h few inches from wall-no one looks after you,and no one gives you strenght and will to win-but God. Best wishes for all next races,we expect title from you :) ABI
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 02:35
    by Jessica
    And I want to say, Happy Birthday!!!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 03:14
    by Caroline Swanson
    Nab pole on Saturday Fernando and take off like a shot! Another 25 points for you before the break will give everyone something to mull over! Remember, you'll never walk alone. Love from Liverpool xx
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 03:40
    by Gyaneszto
    Hola Fernando! Welcome to Budapest!I wish you a very nice and effective weekend like seven years ago!See you at the Hungaroring! Edit from Hungary
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 04:36
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...Happy Birthday to you.,Happy Birthday to you.,Happy Birthday to Champion.,Happy Birthday to YOU..:))) Enjoy your day and don't forget to bring trophy home on Sunday for your birthday present..!!! We will see your F10 in front of all the others again,..Please just concentrate the race and be yourself,don't worry about somethings else....!! Go FAster..:))
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 05:38
    by Mukund
    Hi Fernando, You and the team did a wonderful job developing the car and you a drove a flawless race...congrats! all the best for hungary!! Happy Birthday fernando!!!! - Mukund (Finland/India)
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 05:49
    by Manuel Lopez
    Alonso Feliz Cumpleaños, well done you made us so happy and proud, never mind the giris ( I know what is like , I live amonsgt them for many years, they are not worth it, in my opinion, you are a true champ and Luca and the team knows that, next in Hungary we want to see you saying TOMA, TOMA Y TOMA!!!!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 06:08
    by Manuel Lopez
    I washed the last race in the BBC and it was a total disgrace, Eddie is a bitter old man seeking media attention, should be ashamed for his unwarranted attachs and comments, he is an ex team boss and should knopow better, DC was most suportive and understanding. You were fantastic and made us Dream again, Please Felipe Lighting up a bit, you are the great Ferrari Embassador, remember that!!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 06:50
    by wayne
    Good race Fernando. You are my fav driver. I am holding thumbs for you and the team for the rest of the season. -wayne- (South-Africa)
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 07:19
    by ryan
    Hi champ Want to wish you a Happy Birthday. Been a fan of yours since your first race Your the man. Ryan
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 07:27
    by waseq
    hi Fernando,u drove a superb race in Germany.You deserved it.You had some tough luck,so you really should be on the top of the podium before the summer braeak.Now, please dont loose your concentration because you have to prove your critics once again by some serious driving in Hungary.You can do it.F10 is just more than compaitable to win there.So stay focused,victory will be yours :)
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 07:51
    by Jo-Ann Court
    Love you Fernando, keep up the good work and happy birthday for tomorrow (Thursday). Jo-Ann, in UK
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 08:31
    by Manuel Lopez
    Alonso, Congratulation for such great pergformance in Germany. When you get to Hungary and the brit journalist askstart with their dirty inquisition please remind them to to ask Lewis o RD about it, followed by a pieace of advise for Mr Whitmarsh: Martin before you lecture Stefano about F1 rules please remember Ron's unpunished own actions actions during the German GP 2008, which allowed Lewis to steal from Felipe his well deserved World Championship title for 1 single point.
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 08:44
    by F430ScudMC
    Great job this past weekend and I KNOW we can do it again this weekend in Budapest!! Forza Ferrari! All of us tifosi in the USA are also excited to take back to back wins prior to the summer break. Happy "early" Birthday as well, I'm 29, so it's scary to think we'll be 30 next year!! LOL Congrats and here we come!! Grazie! Ciao!
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 10:44
    by MareFA
    happ, b-day nando ;)... i hope you will win in hungary... kisses from croatia ;)
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 11:07
    by Janet
    Pleased you are back on top Fernando, good luck this weekend and Happy Birthday too! Go for the championship you can win it this year! We are all supporting you. Best wishes from Nottingham UK XX
  • Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 11:28
    by Monika
    Dear Fernando - "Happy Birthday to you" and a lot of luck for the rest of the season. You are simply the best! Best wishes from Germany. Monika
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 01:31
    by ARJUN
    Hi, champ, i am your die hard fan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You. hope u win title this year, Hopefully someday i will meet you
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 02:05
    by nicole
    Hey fernando! At first i want to wish u a very very happy bday! Its so good to see u on the podium. Some people are just afraid cause ferrari has finally arrived to a top level and theres lot more to come. Theres no doubt about tht. I am just 16 but ever since i can remember i have always supported u and always will.. once again a happy bday and good luck for sunday.
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 03:29
    by Blue Chevalier
    Hi Fernando,Happy Birthday!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 05:18
    by Xiaogang Mao
    Enjoy your lovely birthday cake. Happy bithday to you!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 05:21
    by juanBk
    Cmon Fernando, great win , stay focused you can do it once again!!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 05:32
    by Olivia Z
    FERNANDO,FELIZ CUMPLEANOS! enjoy the race and enjoy yourself,happy birthday~
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 06:54
    Happy Birthday!!! Nando, make a present for you and for us and win this weekend. :)
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 07:07
    by Manuel Lopez
    2 years ago, same circuit, same situation, same orders but different team. Result? Not a penalty and the British media said nothing. Here is what happens 2 years ago: -According to Ron Dennis, Kovalainen was simply told that Hamilton was much quicker and he took the decision himself to allow his team-mate by. "The only thing we advise drivers is the respective pace of the other driver and they ultimately call it," the team principal said. "Lewis was nearly a second quicker than Heikki through the race and when he was told Lewis was quicker he just let him past. Hamilton: “ I have to say a big thank you to Heikki, he was a great team-mate. He didnt put up a huge fight and saw that I was quicker and enabled me to get past quicker. And so a big thank you to him.” Where is the difference to last weekend??
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 08:21
    by Sara
    Happy Birthday Nano!!!!!!! wish you very good luck for next race, Hungaroring. Always with you, You believe, we believe. You are the miracle. Thanks for your effort. See you in Oviedo. Sara
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 08:56
    by evangeline
    Fernando,Happy birthday!!!!!!Love you forever!!!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 09:21
    by carlos iglesias
    Hola Fernando....Te deseo un feliz cumpleanos....Hope to see you this weekend on the podium again! Keep calm, and keep on pushin' always with you.....saludos...Carlos from Hamburg-Germany
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 09:25
    by Javier
    Happy Birthday Fernando! The best gift that I can give yourself is to give you good luck for Hungarian GP to give us another victory again!! Forza Ferrari and Forza Alonso the best! Saludos desde Zamora-Spain
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 11:07
    by Aneta Stojanova
    Fernando, Happy Birhtsday! You Never Wallk Alone!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 11:37
    Happy birthday
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 11:45
    by Aleks
    Best wishes, happy birthday! You are always best of the best! Keep going, we are always with you! I belive, you'll give us unforgetable race in Hugaroring! Good luck!!! ChEng, Ukraine.
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 11:58
    by Marta
    Hi Fe, baby come to wish you much happiness, good health and lots of positive eneri! Happy birthday! That your celebration is at the Hungarian Grand Prix as the winner! You win would be the greatest gift to all of us fans! ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Thousand kisses! Marta of Brazil.
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 01:35
    Fernando, well done in Germany! I wish you all you want to yourself! Let it be every day, every weak, every year and especially today, because it's your birthday! ;) Best wishes from Russia. I wish you know that we love you, I guess, as spanish fans :)
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 01:51
    by Aleks
    Best wishes, happy birthday! You are always best of the best! Keep going, we are always with you! I belive, you'll give us unforgetable race in Hugaroring! Good luck!!! ChEng, Ukraine.
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 01:52
    by Toni Coll
    Happy birthday from Mallorca!!!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 02:41
    by edin
    Happy birthday Champ and good luck.Lets go for 25 points in Hungary!!Eddie-Slovenia!!!!!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 02:49
    by kim canada
    I know I have said it before, but HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! I wanted to say it on the actual day Many hugs and many kisses for you today. Love you Kim (Canada)
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 02:51
    by oliana
    happy birthday campeon....))
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 03:14
    by Noelia Sanz
    Hi Fernando. Happy Birthday, champion. The best wishes for the next Grand Prix.
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 03:25
    by Begüm
    hi fernando , Happy Birthday :). You are always best, keep going. we are with you forever...we are expecting a victory, too...
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 03:25
    by Ferrarista_Noe
    Hi Fernando. Happy Birthday. The best wishes for the next Grand Prix. Kisses.
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 03:37
    by David Torchyan
    Hi Fernando, happy birthday. Let me wish you all the best and ask you bring the third title to your fans. We have been waiting for it so long. David,Armenia
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 04:29
    Hola Fernando! Happy birthday! You know, of course, what I would like to wish you. I wish you to be a champion for third time, a lot of energy and positive emotions, what you have always on very high level, I wish your dreams will come true, professionals and private dreams as well You are the best driver and amazing person EVER! Lots of love and happiness! !Besos y abrazos! – greetings from Poland - Joanna:*
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 05:17
    by Olive Helps
    Happy Birthday Fernando! 30 next. Have a great weekend and lots of luck for the race - you are back on top now where you belong, make sure you stay up there. Great you are back on track. Love it!!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 05:48
    by susie
    Hola Fernando! Happy birthay from Sabadell (España). Enjoy this day and the weekend. A lot of Kiss (muchos besos)
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 06:09
    by Mark Stephens
    Fernando, happy birthday and best wishes for this weekend!!! Looking forward to seeing you and Felipe on the podium come Sunday afternoon!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 08:16
    by Nagore
    Happy birthday champion!!! Have a good time until Sunday. Good luck
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 08:36
    by kim canada
    Fernando, I have been reading some very disturbing articles from some F1 people, and I just want you to know, that I think all of them are jealous of you. They are jealous because of your skill and talent as a driver, no other driver on the circut right now can compare with you, no matter what they think. I think they are jealous of the thousands upon thousands of fans that support you, and I am sure they are just all around jealous of you. The day you were born, God must have spilt the whole bottle of beautiful all over you!!!!! I love you, I support you, and I defend you always Hugs and kisses Kim
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 08:39
    by Alan
    Happy Birthday, Fernando!!! Feliz cumpleaños campeón! My best wishes to you. I hope you can this weekend and can show the whole world that you are the best driver and deserve to win the WDC this year. Come on, you can do it! ;-)
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 09:28
    by Lilla My
    Muchas felicidades Fernando. Happy birthday. I wish you all the best on and off the track. I hope you win Hungarian GP and the whole championship as well. Just show all the people that criticize you, what a great champion you are. It's so good to see you winning again. Keep it up! You're the best!
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 09:34
    by Juliana Brandao
    Happy Birthday, Fernando!! You deserve all happiness, health, success and lucky from this world, because you are unique and special. From this weekend turns into the greatest one, nothing better than winning again, it would be your best gift! Good lucky and enjoy this special day! All the best :) Julie, from Brazil.
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 09:34
    by Dóri
    Happy birthday, Fernando!Have a nice day:D
  • Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 09:41
    by L from Canada
    Happy Birthday Fernando! You looked amazing on the top step of the podium in Germany! As always, keep focussed and stay positive. You are the most dynamic driver on the grid. Best wishes for another fantastic race this weekend.
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 12:26
    by Liliana
    Happy Birthday, Fernando! I was sure you were going to bounce back and you did!! no matter what people say, this is F1 as it's always been, just concentrate on your driving and i'm sure you find success, probably in a mcuh pleasant way than last time. you're a true fighter, an inspiration, that's why we're always backing you!! DALE NANOOOO. Liliana, from Perú.
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 12:36
    by Angela
    Happy b-day!!!!
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 06:57
    by Freddie
    Best of luck. Make it another 1 - 2 finish. Go faster, faster, faster.
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 07:09
    by Anastasiya
    We live in hope of each Gran Prix, expecting of your win. Life challenges you. And rules of game remind a rabid spin. You may ask us :"And who are you?" - We are your faithful fans. We wish you victory in race, and happy life as dance! With the best regards. Arianna, Ukraine.
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 10:17
    by keytan7
    (ovo)b Fernando, Happy Birthday to You! We wish you to be a champion this year and we believe in you. Best of luck for the next races.
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 12:39
    by Darina Ivanova
    Hi, Fernando!You - largest, most - and most sweet - for me the best driver in F1!
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 03:34
    by Manuel Lopez
    Alonso Congratulations for wining the Germman GP and Happy Birthday. Give us happyness and Glory. From Manuel Lopez (Glasgow & Otura -Granada)
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 03:37
    by miwa
    ☆☆☆Congratulations on the Nano birthday. ☆☆☆ No matter what surroundings mean it You do not forget it seems to be you because you advance on your road. 。。 And, it is Hungarian of the weekend. It works hard without being defeated. ☆Miwa from Japan☆
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 03:50
    by Ernesto
    Congratulations, Ferrari back on this friday too, hope 1-2 again, you will be champion! F10 is more competitive now, Congratulations engineering's staff! too, we do not forget them. Happy Birthday, Salud
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 04:01
    Fernando, we know that, you'r the best dirver on grid now. Keep going your best effort and bring us another victory from Budapest. Forza FERRARI, Forza FERNANDO !
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 04:56
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...So Happy to know you had a beautiful birthday celebration yesterday with everyone you love....Of course,just like you memetioned,the BIG PARTY will be coming on Sunday night..:))) Also we are happy to see that you and team's hard works have shown the very good results today,especially in FP2....we know you will make to the top in Qualifying tomorrow..Go FAster,Go Fernando,Go F10..Good luck..!! yours supporters always..:))
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 05:58
    by Laszlo Almasi
    Happy birthday Fernando! Welcome in Hungary :) Best of luck! Laci from Hungary!
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 06:42
    by Marios
    Congats to Alonso and Massa. Keep up the good work. ;-)
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 09:33
    by denica
    Happr birthday Fernando!!! I`ve wait this two podiums for so long!!Indeed you deserve the world cup!!! You`re the best Nando!! Go on. Eternamente tuya, Denitsa, Bulgaria
  • Friday, 30 Jul 2010 11:40
    by Daniel
    Fernando! Hapy Birthday to you!
  • Saturday, 31 Jul 2010 08:31
    First of all, happy birthday to You! I'm very happy that you celebrated your birthday here in Hungary! I wish you the best weekend of your career and it would be fantastic if you could win in my home country again!! So forget about what had happened last week and do you best as always. COME ON!! L. from Hungary
  • Saturday, 31 Jul 2010 02:12
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...Congratulations for the P3 in Qualifying...Both Red bull were so quick...but don't you worry,as you still have the good chance to overtaking them in the first corner tomorrow.....We believe that you will make to the top..Go FAster,Go Fernando,,Good job today...Forza....
  • Saturday, 31 Jul 2010 03:17
    by fuza
    good quali Alonso, besides the Redbulls, you were the only one who was able to break below 1.20 secs.
  • Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 03:00
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS.!!.What a great finished today....Although both Red BullS so fast.,but you still managed to finish in the 2nd position..We are so so proud of you...It's your birthday week and weekend...VERY HAPPY FOR YOU.. Now,just enjoy your party also please have a nice and relax 3 weeks summer break..we will miss you and see you soon...TOMA TOMA TOMA...yours supporters from TAIWAN & AUSTRALIA..:)))
  • Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 04:17
    by fuza
    Good job Alonso! You managed to split the 2 Redbulls and collect the crucial points for the championship. Good job from the team as well. We aim for the win. Best wishes from London.
  • Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 04:21
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...forgot to say thank you so have brought huge points home for you and your team in these 2 races which you promised and you achieved...Gracias champion..!!
  • Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 06:39
    by Manuel Lopez
    Alonso, What can I say , but..... Toma, Toma Y toma, Well done you were totally magnificent, can any one still doubt your talent and Greatness, only the brind and deluded ignoramous. Felipe well done you too, Great Race. Nano give Besos to Rosario (she sings like Angels) enjoy your well deserved break and I am looking forward to your return. Manuel Lopez, (Glasgow & Otura-Granada)
  • Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 08:49
    by Caroline Swanson
    Well done Fernando, i am so chuffed for you! The points are stacking up now. Enjoy your holiday and return refreshed full of vigour, then you can leave the field behind on your journey to becoming a 3 times world champion! Love from Liverpool xx
  • Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 09:19
    by Vivcsikeh93
    Happy birthday=)and you were very good today, i hope so you will be the world champion. You would deserve it. Congratulation Fernando!!!=) Love Vivi and Alex from Hungary:)
  • Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 09:23
    by Bebeto
    Hungary was amazing, great weekend, thank you.
  • Monday, 2 Aug 2010 11:15
    by nereaf1
    Fernando, you did very good in these two races, in Germany and Hungary, and thanks to that now you're very close to the leader in the Championship. Now, go to the beach or something like that, relax and forget about racing ;) Then I want to see you winning in Spa :) It's a little bit late, but I also wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Kisses from Asturias :)
  • Monday, 2 Aug 2010 01:57
    by kimo
    happy birth day fernando excellent performance at hungary go ahead and win at spa kimo from egypt
  • Monday, 2 Aug 2010 01:57
    by Marta
    Hi Fe, Honey, how was good to see you on the podium! Your chances are many to leave the champion of 2010. Every day I admire you more. How good to see his will to win, his smile and that look of satisfaction after a great result. Only you hold the Vettel, forty laps, was sensational, is vibrant track your runs! I know it's very nice to his fans, I hope to meet him when he comes running in the Brazil GP and hope that when that happens you're pretty much with your hand in the cup! Thousand kisses. Marta of Brazil.
  • Monday, 2 Aug 2010 03:03
    by claire
    Congratulations with your fantastic driving and the great result last weekend in Hungary ! Enjoy your holiday ! Kind regards from Claire, Belgium, see you at Francorchamps !
  • Monday, 2 Aug 2010 10:54
    by kimcanada
    Congratulations Fernando, 2nd place is wonderful. You looked great up there on Sunday, your smile brightens the world. Have a good rest, and come back better than ever, I know you can. Love you lots Kim (Canada)
  • Tuesday, 3 Aug 2010 04:17
    by Alan
    Great job, Fernando! You are in the fight for the WDC again! I'll be always with you because I believe in you.


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We have made a step forward
05/10/2012 · Posted By Felipe Massa(7)
I have just arrived in Barcelona and I can’t wait for the race weekend to start after what was quite a long break since the last Grand Prix. The most important part of this break of three weeks between Bahrain and the Spanish Grand Prix was obviously the test in Mugello. It was good to make use of this extra time, although I am not sure quite how useful it was. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always useful to test, but in order to run at Mugello, we “lost” one test before the start of ... Read all »

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