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It’s a hot time for Spanish sport

July 5, 2010 · Posted by Fernando Alonso

We Spanish are going through a hot time at the moment. Last Saturday, in beating Paraguay, the country’s football team made it to the last four of the World Cup for the first time in sixty years and on Wednesday, we play Germany for a place in the final. I can’t wait to watch this match, in which there is no clear favourite, but that’s as it should be in a semi-final. Anyone who has made it to this stage of the tournament is definitely strong and deserves its place, so it is impossible to say who will have the edge. I think the key player for us will be Iniesta. Whichever way it goes, this has already been a great contest for us. The Tour of France has also got underway, the most intriguing stage race of the year. I will try and watch as much of it as possible, cheering on my friend Alberto Contador. I think he is favourite for outright victory and I’m not just saying that because of our relationship, but because I think everything is in place for him to get a hat-trick in the ‘Grande Boucle.’

It really is a great time for Spanish sport. In June, Pau Gasol picked up his second NBA title, yesterday, Rafa Nadal won Wimbledon for the second time, having already come out on top at Roland Garros, while Jorge Lorenzo looks to be flying towards the MotoGP crown. It is no coincidence that a generation of amazing athletes has grown up in a country that has changed so much over the past twenty years: starting at the end of the Eighties and then into the next decade, the number of sports facilities has increased by an incredible amount – you only need to look round even the smallest town to find football pitches, tennis and basketball courts everywhere and all open to the public – and the approach to sport has changed completely. What we are seeing now is the result of that investment and I think it is a strong enough basis for this success to keep on coming for a long time.

So now let’s turn to my job, which is also my passion: Formula 1. Currently, I am in Maranello to spend time with the team prior to the British Grand Prix. It is a crucial moment in the season, with three races coming up in the space of four weeks. We are ready, both on the technical front and physically. In Valencia, we introduced significant updates on the F10 and there will be more in Silverstone and the races after that. The development programme is intensive and I think we will see it produce results. We have also prepared very carefully from the physical point of view, given that the next events are all very close and one needs to be at a hundred percent all the time.

At Silverstone, we will discover a circuit whose final section has been modified. Along with the engineers, we have spent these few days studying all the characteristics of the new track layout, analysing the available information, including watching the motorcycle races held there a few weeks ago. On Thursday morning, again with my engineers, we will inspect the track to see everything in detail, looking especially for bumps on the racing line. The track seems reasonably similar to the way it was, with a lot of very fast corners, which will not suit us that much. However, it’s a fact that the configuration of the F10 seen in Valencia should give us a boost in these quick corners, so it is best to wait and see where we will be: I remain optimistic. Then, there is always a chance of rain playing its part at Silverstone. I would be very surprised to have a completely dry weekend and we will be ready to tackle any situation that comes our way.


  • Monday, 5 Jul 2010 06:50
    by BBto
    Nano, good luck on the islands, some say luck does not exist but you really deserve it. I look forward to another ace on your helmet next year.
  • Monday, 5 Jul 2010 09:19
    by edin
    Hi Champ.We belive in you so just hang on and everything will be just fine.I hope you will be rigt next to Red Bull and McLaren.Please do your best and we will be very happy no matter what happend.Good luck Champ. Go Espana and Fernando.Eddie-Slovenia!!!
  • Monday, 5 Jul 2010 09:48
    by Rebecca
    Yes, if there isn't a Spanish world champion in MotoGP this year I will eat my hat!.. first, I will go out & buy a hat & then I'll eat it!. All the best for Alonso at Silverstone. I will be there (sadly not race day) cheering him on as always. Btw, lol Friday & Saturday will definitely be good weather, not sure about Sunday.
  • Monday, 5 Jul 2010 10:55
    Hi Fernando! Good luck to Spain! Spain wins the mundial and you and Ferrari the F1 world championship!!!
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 03:51
    by Camila
    Hi Fernando, I was very happy because Spain won on Saturday. I was cheering for Brazil (of course), Argentina and Spain. Brazil and Argentina were eliminated, then now I'm cheering for only Spain. F10 was better in Valencia, the problem in this srace was the lack of luck with the safety car. I believe that engineering staff will have update packages better yet along the championship and that Ferrari will have luck in Silverstone. I hope that you and Spain win on Sunday. Good luck in Silverstone! Go Spain! Repeat the Eurocup's 2008 final, beat Germany! Go Magic Alonso! Best wishes! Camila from Brazil.
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 04:49
    by cher
    Hi,fernando,I can't find any words to describe my feelings to you. I can only tell you:good luck! cherli from China
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 04:58
    by Juliana Brandao
    "To be a winner, all you need is to give all you have". With this statement, I'd like to express all my proud and happiness in supporting you through all these years. With your talent, passion, determination in doing a well done job and also your commitment with the team, all I can hope is a great result next weekend in Silverstone - I'm also optimistic! Good Luck and congratulations for your country has been investing in so many sports, and consequently, producing so many talents! See you :) Julie from Brazil
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 05:24
    by luke
    Let's hope that at the end of the year, when the Spanish newspaper review the year, they can write that Fernando Alonso won the WDC for the thrid time. Good luck on Silverstone and good luck for the match against Germany.
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 05:51
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano..I believe we all had a very busy weekend for those sports last week,and myself,I enjoyed very much too..:) ..but we miss the most is watching you on the track!! Few more days to go,and hope all the jobs you and your team did in last days ,we will see the good result on the weekend..we all believe in you and wishing the best luck to you!!!Go Champion Go FAster..!!!(ps,hope to see Spain get in to Final...!!)TOMA~~~~~~~~~
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 08:48
    by Faysal H
    Hey Fernando, firstly all the best to Spain, I was really hopping to see them play Germany in the Final!!!. Glad to hear there is more updates coming in for the next few races so we can have both F10s fighting at the front. With 10 races to go, I'm really hopping to see you take the championship by the horns soon. All the best Champ! FH
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 09:03
    by Melisa Sevi Koç
    Come on Fernando let's get a great result in Silverstone! I trust in you! GO NANO GO!
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 09:05
    by Arvind Ravichandran
    Spaniards around the world have a lot to be proud of. In almost every aspect of sport we see Spaniards set their mark. In Formula 1, we see the greatness of Fernando himself; the incarnate of immense skill and power. If the sport were designed such that those who deserve it wins, we will see this Spaniard take the crown so many times that it would almost seem unfair. In Silverstone, Fernando will set his mark. If our prayers are heard, we will hear the Spanish anthem over Britian after what seems like a very long time. Let Ferrari's hard world pay off, and let Fernando deliver what he is best at. Vamos Fernando! The race is yours. GAME ON!
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 09:08
    by Alan
    Good luck in Silverstone. Push hard, Fernando!!! I hope you can win there.
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 10:29
    Fernando,my friends and I will sit in front of TV early in the morning this Thursday,cheering for Spain (Vs Germany)~~~~Good Luck Spain and Good Luck in Silverstone this weekend!!! Best wishes and kisses from Beijing~~~~
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 10:50
    by Noe Izumi
    Having you in Ferrari is already something great por Spanish fans. We can wait for you to win again! :) Let's hope Spain win tomorrow. We've entered into history!!!! Greetins from Gran Canaria! :)
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 12:27
    by kim tobin
    Hey Fernando Nice to hear you so happy! I have been watching the World Cup, I have not really watched this sport before, in Canada football means something completely different, and I must admit, I like it!! It is always fun to have a team to cheer for, so I am cheering for Spain because of you. I saw the match this weekend, and I really got excited about it, it was fun! I hope they can keep it up and win it all. Good luck this weekend, I hope I will see your beautiful smile with you on top! Go get them Fernando, show them who is the best, love you lots Kim (Toronto Canada)
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 12:42
    this year will be the year of Spainish:)) I know Red Bulls and Mc Larens will be very strong at Silverstone. podium won't be so easy but I will wear my FAster t-shirt which is signed by you and watch you as always. best of luck for you and of course for Spainish Team.
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 01:04
    by nereaf1
    I will be in Silverstone supporting you ;) Kisses from Asturias :)
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 06:34
    by Mark Stephens
    Nando, best of luck to you and the entire team this coming weekend! We are supporting you all the way!!!! Say hello to Carlo G and Nicola C for us.. Ciao -Mark
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 07:36
    by sara
    Hello Fernando, it's a really hot time for the Spanish people. I hope that the Spanish football team well beat the German and take a place in the finals. I think that all of the Spanish players deserve what they have work for and I hope that the good luck turns to you too ;) GO GO ESPAñA ..... Sara (Bahrain)
  • Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010 08:34
    by cional
    Hope everything goes OK for you and the team!!1 Go Fernando, make us happy!
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 04:03
    by Jssica
    The Spanish team will win, the Spanish driver will win as well!! The Spanish national anthem will play throughout the field!!Kisses
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 06:30
    by celia
    Fernando wish you will have a great weekend in Silverstone.And wish the Spanish football team could beat the Germany.WIN!!!
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 06:38
    by olvido
    hi,fernando!best wishes!i am so glad that you are optimistic.try your best,you will win !
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 09:15
    by ASV
    Hello, Fernando. My mother said that you’d better win the championship this year :-) I’m looking forward your next race on The Great circuit Silverstone. Forget about those disappointing races before ‘cause you can’t change the past. I do believe you can win next race; you are smarter than all your rivals. Come back on top!!! [Ukraine]
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 12:51
    by kostas n
    keep cool and with your mind on the track fernando!
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 02:58
    by alfemo
    Hi, Nano!! I've been busy watching and cheering up all your country men in various kinds of sports recently. I like Rafa as well and I was so excited to see him win in Wimbledon. Unfortunately the match between Spain and Germany starts at 3:30am in Japan, but I will be staying up late. As for the Siverstone, I believe you and Ferrari staff will give it the best! Vamos!!!
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 07:24
    by Marta
    Hi Fe, I hope that Spain win in Germany and is the champion of the world! Delights me to see that you do not lose the will to win, I love their determination, I really want to see him win the British Grand Prix, I think you have many chances. Thousand kisses. Marta of Brazil.
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 09:36
    by susie
    Good luck! You will be the first to pass under the flag to box this Sunday. España en la final!!!!
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 09:38
    by Jessica Xu
    Congratulations!I love Spanish team, I love you!!!!!
  • Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 11:38
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano,,,TOMA TOMA TOMA....Congratulations!!!!! what a great great performance today...!!I'm really happy to see they through Final first time ever..they're deserved to win the title.,same as you Fernando..It's your turn on the weekend..Once again,just be yourself and bring the trophy home...we are all with you and believe in you....Go Nano,Go FAster , Go ESPANA...!!! yours supporters always from TWN & AUS..:)
  • Thursday, 8 Jul 2010 03:03
    by Xiaogang Mao
    I bet Spain would win the fight against German. As you pointed out, this year, the Spanish sportspeople are really on their ways. Hopefully you would also have your own races in the rest of this season.
  • Thursday, 8 Jul 2010 06:05
    by Linas
    Good luck, Fernando. Nothing is lost yet, plenty of races ahead! And the car seems to be getting there... we just need a tiny bit more luck! Fingers crossed!
  • Thursday, 8 Jul 2010 07:19
    by Jennyfer
    Go Spain!!! We must to win this world cup!!!
  • Thursday, 8 Jul 2010 11:16
    by Denise Murdoch
    Good Luck. I hope that the F10 exceeds your expectations and you can complete the Spanish hat trick by beating McLaren in their own backyard. Regards Denise
  • Thursday, 8 Jul 2010 03:57
    by Timur
    Fernando, you are the best!!)) you will be 3rd-time champ this year? i'm sure!) the only thing you have to do - to push harder on team engineers) For your F10 to be more competitive))) Best wishers from Russia, St. Petersburg!)))
  • Friday, 9 Jul 2010 10:02
    by Gyaneszto
    Hola Fernando! I'm sure that this weekend will be the double Spanish victory! Edit from Hungary
  • Saturday, 10 Jul 2010 09:55
    by Caroline Swanson
    Welcome back to England Fernando, take care and good luck for the weekend. Love from Liverpool xx
  • Saturday, 10 Jul 2010 02:17
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...Congratulations P3 in Qualifying....unfortunately you were disturbed by couple slow cars...but You did good job today...Now,we are looking forward the big big VICTORY tomorrow..The best best best LUCK to you and team...Go Fernando,Go FAster,Go ESPANA.......!!! It will be SPANISH Sunday again...TOMA~~~~
  • Sunday, 11 Jul 2010 02:51
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano....Before the penalty,you definitely had the chance to go on podium....Unfortunately no points,but we all know it's just too too harsh penalty..I hope it's the time that team stand up for you both drivers to against these unfair decisions!! We can see your F10 is very competitive and you are a truly fighter on the track today..we are very proud of you Fernando..And now,we are looking forward the world cup to cheer us up...!!! supporting you always...!!
  • Sunday, 11 Jul 2010 03:33
    by ElenaA
    Good job Fernando in Silverstone. We are proud to be You fans. Toma Fernando! With the best wishes from Petersburg,Russia.
  • Sunday, 11 Jul 2010 04:30
    by Elvira
    Fernando, I hope luck is on your side in the remainder of the championship, which we will always still believe in you, the championship is going to be tough, but you have magic! You must be strong against the injustices as the last gps. You're the best, encouragement from Spain!-Elvira.
  • Sunday, 11 Jul 2010 06:16
    Alonso!!! You are the best!!! Never forget!!!
  • Sunday, 11 Jul 2010 11:04
    by Jessica Xu
    We made it!We made it!I can't help crying that we made it! The Spanish made it!
  • Monday, 12 Jul 2010 05:56
    by Yasmin
    Hola Fernando, you are the person I most admire and no matter the bad luck you had in Britain ,you still can prove that you have many many qualities and a man like you is always a winner! We all believe in you and wish you LUCK because you are capable and strong enough to do a great performance in the next races. Many kisses Yasmin !
  • Tuesday, 13 Jul 2010 12:12
    by sophie
    Well done to Spain for winning the World Cup, the right team won the tournament :) I was really happy for all the players and was moved by their tears. Hopefully later this year it will be me crying with happiness when Fernando wins his 3rd World Championship. Bad luck the last two races but that is sure to end soon. Magic Alonso!!!
  • Tuesday, 13 Jul 2010 07:02
    by olvido
    hi!ferni,i am upset on last sunday .but you know ,you are so lovely .i will always support you.just keep moving!
  • Wednesday, 14 Jul 2010 12:52
    by Eliete
    Hi,fernando,I can't find any words to describe my feelings to you. Good luck the next race. I am always with you. Run for pleasure and anything can happen. Enjoy yourself. Kisses
  • Wednesday, 14 Jul 2010 05:44
    by Marta
    Hi Fe, Amazing how you're determined, I love it! Keep rocking, you do not have to give up! Still relying on his talent, and praying that the "rules" do not harm you! I'm sure I'll still see him win again! Much strength and positive energy! Kisses. His number one fan. Marta of Brazil.
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 04:35
    by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...Having 2 weeks break,and I believe your team are ready the updates on yours F10 for the coming 2 Grand Prixs...These will be big weeks for you and all of us..because we know you will give it 200% or more and bring the huge points home...We are looking forward to see YOU the FIGHTER on the track and never ever give up.....Forza Fernando...:)))
  • Wednesday, 10 Nov 2010 12:22
    by Gulyas Daniel
    Good luck for the weekend!!! I hope that you will be the champion again! VAMOS ALONSO!!!


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