The English Grand Prix was held mid-July in the year 1951. The drivers starting for Ferrari were Ascari, Villoresi and Gonzalez. The 1951 race almanac - in the chapter “First Training”, which is today’s free practice session on Friday, on 12th July 1951 - talks about the fastest lap time driven by Froilan Gonzalez in 1.43:4, followed by Fangio and Farina with Alfa Romeo.

In Saturday’s qualifying the Alfas gained the upper hand over Ferrari and the fastest lap was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. On the starting grid the first row went to Ascari (Ferrari), Farina (Alfa R.), Fangio (Alfa R.) and Gonzalez (Ferrari), the second row to Bonetto (Alfa R.), Sanesi (Alfa R.) and Villoresi (Ferrari).

The English GP was held on 14th July over 90 laps; the track was 4.649 km long, therefore the race distance was 418.421 km. At the start Bonetto took over the lead of the pack; by the end of the first lap he was still in the front, followed by Gonzalez, Farina, Ascari, Fangio and Villoresi. On the second lap Gonzalez overtook Bonetto and held the fist position in the field until lap number nine. On the 10th lap Fangio was leading ahead of Gonzalez. This order was held until the 20th lap. On the 40th lap Gonzalez lead the race, followed by Fangio, Farina, Ascari and Villoresi. On lap 50 Gonzalez was still leading the pack with a decent lead over Fangio of 1.14, followed by Ascari, Farina and Villoresi, who was fifth. Villoresi had to retire on lap 57, while on lap 60 Gonzalez came in to get petrol for his car (pit stop of 15 seconds); when he took up the race again he was leading in front of Fangio with 56 seconds ahead of his competitor. The gap on Fangio grew to around 1.20:000 and the cars crossed the line in the following order: Gonzalez, Fangio, Villoresi, Bonetto.

The victory for Ferrari in F1 was the symbolic step for the racing team from Maranello ahead of their great rival Alfa Romeo, where Enzo Ferrari had worked for 20 years. Enzo Ferrari received the news on the phone much later, while he was in his office; the next day the President of Alfa Romeo sent a telegram, which made Ferrari even more proud of the victory achieved at Silverstone.

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